The launching of InAVate Russian edition

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the launching of InAVate Russian edition. Licensed and distributed throughout Russia and the other CIS states, InAVate's Russian edition will be published ten times per year. The Moscow based publishing team has extensive knowledge of the regions AV and electronic systems marketplace enabling InAVate Russia to provide extensive insight on technology trends and business developments that will influence and drive their regions business activities.

The first issue will be published at the end of September 2007. The second issue will be associated with the tremendous marketing platform - the first Integrated Systems exhibition in Russia (Moscow, 8-10 November 2007). The December issue will summarize impressions, trends and inAVations of the year 2007 and explore the future of AV in Russian/CIS market.

InAVate Russian edition is going to be the first independent professional magazine devoted to the commercial AV-installations in Russia, CIS and EMEA region.

There is no need to give the boring figures like growing Russian GDP, FDI and so on - it's sufficient to say that Russia has and will have for very many years a substantial number of industrial, commercial and civil engineering projects where AV-installations are the must. Prime examples are oil and gas infrastructure projects, new airports and railway stations, shopping malls, recreation complexes, industrial centers, education systems etc. Our aim is to establish the most useful information resource for Russian AV-integrators and to become the magazine of choice.

If there is no media there is no message. If there are no AV-integrators there are no media. The set of the best AV-components will not work without know-how and inventiveness of AV-installers. That's why it is so important to share international experience, to collect and distribute the professional knowledge - it's above rubies.

New Russia is ready to cooperate with the world community, and AV-technologies are on a first line here. Russian InAVators know deal a good and wish to share their own developments with their colleagues. Going Russia InAVate becomes full duplex channel for AV-professionals.

The IML Group's publisher Dan Jago comments: "Whilst there is a lot of attention on the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India & China) this more often boils down to "Chindia" and many are missing the boat. We are extremely pleased to have this partnership which yet again proves our commitment to driving our industry onwards and upwards." 


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InAVate Russian Edition 

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